Lois Shulman

For West Bloomfield Township Parks and Recreation Commissioner

As a 40-year resident of West Bloomfield, I am focused on conservation, recreation opportunities and transforming facilities to meet the needs of our community.

Caring, Listening and Serving my Community

Martin Luther King had a dream.  I have dreams.  I dream of humanity where all people are seen as valuable; where all people feel hopeful and empowered to seek their joy; and where listening with kindness and working together uplifts and encourages us all.

I am seeking the opportunity to serve the people of West Bloomfield Township as a Parks and Recreation Commissioner.  I am excited to learn and bring my ability to actively listen, value all people and their ideas in a collaborative way that adheres to the goals and spirit of the West Bloomfield Parks and Recreation Strategic Plan.

Growing up in South Haven, Michigan, my days as a child were spent exploring the outdoors, on fertile ground to grow my imagination and grow my dreams.

Today, a 40-year resident of West Bloomfield, I continue my childhood enjoyment.  I appreciate the parks, trails and recreational opportunities available for people of all ages in our community.

I too celebrate the 50 th Anniversary of the West Bloomfield Parks, looking ahead to serve our community to support conservation, recreational opportunities, and the transforming of facilities to meet the needs of our community.  I bring to this position my community engagement on local, county and state levels,  in positions of educating, advocating, leading and collaborating.

Actively listening with kindness, valuing people and their ideas, empowering others, and working together brings me the joy I seek in living a purposeful life fulfilling my dream by serving my community.

I am listening and serving my community

Read about me, and reach out with any questions you may have.

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