Questionnaire Responses

West Bloomfield Bacon Profile Responses submitted September 12, 2020


Incumbent?    NO

Age:   67 years old

Occupation:   Substitute Teacher

Municipality of residence:  West Bloomfield Township

For How Long:  40 years

Online campaign information: 

Education:  J.D. Cooley Law School,  B.S.  Kalamazoo College,  South Haven High School

Previously held elected offices ( in a city, township, village, county, state or nationally held election):

Although I have not held elected office, I served from 2008-2019 by appointment of the Oakland County Board of Commissioners on the Oakland Community Health Network (OCHN) Executive Board of Directors. During my service on the  OCHN Board  I was elected Vice President of the Community Mental Health Association of Michigan (CMHAM).

Top goal(s) if elected:

Respect for the other commissioners, valuing each, their sharing and lived experience. Serve with integrity, bringing my own lived experience.   Practice active listening and ensure pathways for community, director and staff voices to be heard in decision making.  Apply COVID-19 alerts and guidelines to reopen areas safety.  Transparent communication with community.  Advocate for appropriate funding to support maintenance and collaborative innovation with adherence to the goals and spirit of the Strategic Plan.

Detroit Free Press Candidate Questionaire answers- September 8, 2020


Could you please describe your professional experience?

My work history continues to blend my skills with what brings me joy.  Editor of Community Mental Health of MI Connections Magazine;  I seek writings to connect  individuals through lived experience, thoughts and ideas to inspire hope, empower people and strengthen our community.  Substitute teaching;  I assist with flexibility and intention to support in my assignment to ease the absence of familiarity and work with the school dynamics as they present with excitement for the challenges.  Chair of the Oakland Community Health Network Citizens Advisory Committee;  I actively listen, and value each member as I facilitate meetings where each member has the opportunity to share and be heard.  Community mental health advocate;  I communicate by keeping my message simple to educate, I speak with passion to serve.  Managing a private home health care business, Better Life Home Care,  and serving on the Oakland Community Mental Health Board of Directors I acquired an understanding and knowledge of financial, strategic and annual planning in relationship to services and outcomes.   I am seeking ways to have positive communications with everyone through my volunteer work with the Freedom Centers at Metro Airport serving those who serve/have served us,  Michigan Longterm Care Ombudsman Program;  and  Freedom Road Transportation. 

Could you please describe your political experience?

My father and mother were politically active. My father, Judge Meyer Warshawsky, deceased,  was a candidate for local and state positions during my time growing up in South Haven, Michigan.  I learned from my parents and grandparents the importance of service and leadership.  I have worked on many political campaigns including my own.  Meeting the people I seek to serve, actively listening to their concerns and making the commitment to serve with integrity should I be successful remain the cornerstones of my political campaign.  I am honored to have the opportunity to engage in the political process.  The honor I hold is to incorporate and pay forward into my service the sharing by people I meet along the way.  

Are there any other relevant experiences you’d like to share?

I am a member of Northwood Toastmasters.  Through my participation in Toastmaster’s I am continually improving my public speaking and leadership skills in a supportive environment.  I continue to build self confidence and self awareness that I pay forward in service to others and to my community.  I am a member of the Detroit Unit of the National Association of Parliamentarians.  As a Registered Parliamentarian I practice the principles and provide education and consulting services to those organizations using Roberts Rules of Order as parliamentary authority. 

Why are you the best candidate for the job?Cite your specific qualifications.

We are a Commission of 7 members.  I am respectful of the other 6 members, valuing each, their sharing and their expertise.  I will be honored to serve with integrity, bringing my lived experience.  My lived experience includes the continued practice of my active listening skills at the Commission Table and in the community; understanding and following of strategic and annual planning; ability to read and analyze financial reporting; consulting of evidence based outcomes; and advocating for the needs of the community discovered by hearing all voices.

What programs or services could the parks department implement to improve residents’ recreations experiences?

I would continue/enhance opportunities for the community, staff and leadership to give input on a regular basis through an easily accessed process .  Seeking the lived experience of people who use the Parks and Recreational Areas is vital to financial understanding, outcome driven planning and programing.  

How will you keep parks and park amenities safe to use during the pandemic or other similar circumstances?

I will read and seek understanding of COVID-19 Alerts.  I will consider the guidelines set out by local, county, State and Federal authorities as to the precautions to be taken to ensure the health, safety and welfare of all people using the parks and parks amenities.  I will encourage using the  press, internet, social media, signage and any other means of communication to convey the necessary actions to be taken by the community in order that all may enjoy their parks and amenities.   

In what ways should the commission engage residents for input on local parks?

Setting intention to value input from the residents and using that input at each step of the process, from inception to final outcome.  Being transparent and proactive in seeking input from residents.  Recognizing barriers to engagement and creating practical ways to assist.  Actively listening to the concerns of the residents, then actually using their input to achieve desirable outcomes of for the community.  


Candidate Connection by Ballotpedia & The Detroit News- excerpts from their Questionnaire Answered 6-25-2020


Who Are You?  Tell us about yourself in 200 words or less.

I was born and raised in South Haven, MI.  I received a Bachelor’s Degree. from Kalamazoo College and a J.D. from Cooley Law School. I am married, and have raised four daughters in West Bloomfield.  I have three grandsons (expecting a fourth in July 2020).  Throughout my 40-years living in West Bloomfield I have pursued the joy of caring, listening and serving my community.   My work history continues to blend my skills with what brings me joy:  2020-present, Editor of Community Mental Health Association  (CMHA) Connections Magazine; 2008-2019 Oakland Community Health Network (OCHN) Board Member and CMHA Executive Board Member;  currently serving on the OCHN Recipient Rights Committee and Chair, OCHN Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC); Substitute Teacher, Eton Academy, Roeper, West Bloomfield and Bloomfield Hills; Volunteer:  Oakland Mediation Center (OMC) Mediator/Facilitator; Freedom Center serving those who serve us at Metro Airport;  Lakeshore Long Term Care Ombudsman visiting nursing homes in West Bloomfield; Freedom Road Eligibility Determination Committee and driver; Toastmaster; and National Association of Parliamentarians-Detroit Unit, Registered Parliamentarian. I am passionate about hearing from everyone, to value and implement their needs and desires regarding West Bloomfield parks and programing for recreation and social interactions.


Key messages are your answer to the question of why people would vote for you.  What are the main points you want voters to remember about you and your candidacy?

I am caring. l listen, and I serve my community with a history of experience and a passion for valuing each person, their thoughts and their ideas.

I am committed, and I timely do what I say I will do.  I communicate and collaborate with intention to incorporate the ideas and thoughts of others in implementing the best possible outcomes for those I am serving.

Throughout my work and advocacy in Community Mental Health I have fully embraced the mission statement of Oakland County Health Network: to “inspire hope, empower people and strengthen my communities”.


What areas of public policy are you personally passionate about?

Budgeting of funds to ensure their intended outcome.  The acceptance of public funds must be accepted with the understanding of the outcomes for which they are given, the expectations for their use, and the budget responsibility to which they must adhere.  I am committed to the transparent process of budget reporting:  following the goals set through strategic planning for future actions and implementing strategies to accomplish present goals; looking at outcomes on a regularly scheduled periodic basis  to understand and monitor the use of funds; and reporting of the use of funds on an ongoing and regular basis.

Listening and responding to the thoughts and voices of all people at the discussion and drafting stages to learn of the outcomes experienced, the needs and desires of the community being served,  and the direction for policy and projects.

Collaboration and networking to make the best use of resources available to meet the needs of the community.    Some areas on which to focus collaboration and networking are:  education, sharing or transformation of existing facilities,  and seeking to learn from the experience of others dealing with similar challenges and achieved successes.

League of Women Voters of Oakland Area voter guide questionnaire answers – May 18, 2020

Provide biographical information and explain why you are running for Township office and relevant qualities and skills you would bring to the position.

My work history continues to blend my skills with what brings me joy: 2020-present Editor, Community Mental Health of MI Connections Magazine; 2008-2019 Executive Board Member Oakand Community Health Network (OCHN), currently serving as Chair of OCHN’s Citizens Advisory Committee and member of the Recipient Rights Committee; Substitute Teacher at Eton Academy, Roeper, West Bloomfield (WB), Birmingham and Bloomfield Hills Schools; Volunteer mediator in district courts and schools with the Oakland Mediation Center; Volunteer Lakeshore Longterm Care Ombudsman at WB nursing homes; Reg. Parliamentarian; Toastmaster public speaking; Eligibility Determination Committee  and volunteer driver Freedom Road Transportation; and Volunteer Freedom Centers at Metro Airport serving those who serve us. I grew up in South Haven, Michigan playing in my beautiful backyard beside a ravine, riding my bike, interacting and appreciating nature’s miracles all around me. My childhood roots in nature have been heightened by my walks in WB nature areas. I am passionate about hearing from everyone to value and implement their needs and desires re WB parks and programing for recreation and social interactions.


What are the top 3 Priority Issues facing your township and what actions would you, as a township official, take regarding each of them?

1. The reopening of  WB Parks and Programing under the  guidance of the Restoration of Operations Procedural Manual.  Implementation of timelines and use of resources should remain fluid to focus on the safety and well being of people as they enjoy the parks and the programing. The Commissioners’ responsibility is to make sure that the leadership is in place to guide people through this process. Under the leadership of Director, Jennifer Tucker and her exemplary staff the community has been efficiently and responsibly served.

2. Working through issues to ensure that adequate funding is available to sustain the parks, programs and social interactions that enhance our community.  I would educate the community and advocate for appropriate funding to continue to support maintenance and innovation.  Listening to the concerns of people will encourage collaboration.

3.  Adherence to the goals and spirit of the Strategic Plan.  Transparent communication with people about the Strategic Plan, including where WB Parks and Recreation is going and why.  Actively listening to people, and inviting them to the table, in the planning stage, to share their insight and perspective  with leadership.

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